Who and Why We Are

There’s a lot of news in this world. When I say this world, we mean the planet Earth. That’s where most of us are from.

The trouble with news is that you can’t escape the same stories. Whilst we’ll admit there are some exceptions (cough, cough, Daily Mail), 24 hour news channels means that the same stories are repeated ad nauseam until you want to put your foot through your TV screen or your tablet device or your mobile phone or your computer. See? You can’t escape them. We’re different.

We ignore things like war and politics and skiing. Instead, we bring you the news you that you won’t hear elsewhere. It’s why we call ourselves News You’ve Not Heard Elsewhere. What’s more, unlike newspaper of ill repute (cough, cough, Daily Mail or The S*n), you can believe every word we print. We would never lie. However, we will and do swear. Why? Because this is real life and real people swear.


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